Sports Massage

Sports massage in Hillsborough, Sheffield

At Hillsborough Chiropractic, we offer professional sports massages, that may help you recover from sports injury faster and better. We also have more relaxing massage options available including Swedish massage and Indian head massage.

Sports massage services

This may include a variety of techniques including deep massage, trigger point therapy and gentle stretching. To help improve the flexibility of muscles, improve circulation and prevent muscle tension and injuries.
massage therapy

Our massage therapist

Our massage therapist, Dawn Croft, is qualified in both Swedish and sports massage. Using a variety of techniques, she can tailor the massage to suit your individual needs. For a relaxing treat, why not try an Indian head massage? A stimulating yet deeply relaxing massage applied to the head, neck, face and back to relieve stress and tension.
swedish massage

Swedish massage

If you have never had a massage before or don’t know what type to go for, a Swedish massage is probably the best type to start with. Swedish massage refers to a variety of techniques specifically designed to decrease muscle tension, promote relaxation and improve well-being.
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