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Your first visit to The Hillsborough Chiropractic Clinic in Sheffield - Free Screening For All New Patients

For pain relief therapy in Sheffield, get in touch with the experts at Hillsborough Chiropractic, Sheffield.
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What to expect on your first visit

Your chiropractor will discuss with you, your health and reasons for asking for chiropractic treatment. The consultation will usually last approximately one to one and a half hours depending on your problem. During this time your chiropractor will take a thorough case history, asking about your current complaint and also your past health. Your chiropractor will take you through a thorough examination of your spine and any relevant joints combined with orthopaedic and neurological tests to help us arrive at a diagnosis. Should it be necessary we may refer you to your general practitioner for blood tests, x-rays or further investigations; or privately for MRI scans where indicated.
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Subsequent treatment

Whilst some conditions may only need one or two visits to get you feeling fantastic again, most patients that we see have suffered pain for years or have injured joints or muscles. These conditions are likely to require more management including pain relief therapy, home exercises and postural correction. Some patients, often athletes or those with degenerative change, may choose to have spinal checks every month or two (maintenance care) to keep the spine and muscles working well, aiming to reduce further exacerbations of pain. We commonly find minor faults with the spine at these checks, which are likely to be the result of poor posture, bending, lifting, or trips and falls. These can then be treated to get your spine, joints and muscles working optimally again.
In order to be able to examine and treat you thoroughly our patients are usually asked to change into a gown. If this concerns you then please feel free to bring a pair of shorts or discuss it with one of our chiropractors.
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What to expect on your first visit

If we do not think that you will benefit from chiropractic treatment we will tell you and if we think you would benefit from further investigations we will refer you to your GP. If we do not need to take x-rays or perform further tests, treatment is commonly offered on your first visit. You will be given an explanation as to what is wrong with you in clear and plain language. You will be advised as to how many treatments you are likely to need and what the costs involved are. We believe that chiropractic should not be a passive treatment therefore we often give other home care advice such as postural and lifestyle changes and measures that can be taken to aid your recovery. Exercises to be done at home or in the gym are likely to be given to you to help your recovery and to avoid recurrence of your problem
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For more information or to book an appointment for pain relief therapy, please call The Hillsborough Chiropractic Clinic in Sheffield on
0114 233 5553

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